Classic slots game history

While some casino games are played for hundreds of years , classic slots games aren’t that old. The origin of the classic slot can actually be found at the very first poker machine designed by the New Yorkers Sitt and Pittman in 1891. This first poker machine consisted of 5 reels with on each reel five poker cards as symbols which resulted in only one bet line. the principles where easy, because those that got a winning poker combination on the bet line, could expect some kind of profit. Since gambling was forbidden in America, wins where rewarded by free drinks or cigars. Since that point things have changed tons as winnings are often paid by real money, also the common gambling machine has been through a true revolution.
History classic slots
Not much later the primary classic slots was designed and produced by a car mechanic from San Francisco , called Charles Fey. it had been 1895 when the primary one-armed-bandit was invented, named Liberty Bell , consisting of three reels. Again it had been only one bet line providing the winnings by the cardboard symbols like diamonds, spades and hearts, but also a cracked Liberty Bell of which the name of the classic slot refers to. the freedom Bell looked very similar to the games we still see as classic slots  which may be found at different Netent Casinos.
Liberty Bell
As the demand for the freedom Bell slots was huge, Charles Fey couldn’t build them fast enough in his small shop, but also refused to sell the merchandise . As a result it had been in 1907 that Herbert Mills, a Chicago manufacturer of arcade machines, started producing a coin machine , compared to the freedom Bell. it had been this same manufacturer that introduced the familiar fruit symbols like lemons, plums and cherries so recognisable for the classic slots fruit machines, but also can be found in some modern video slots, although metamorphosed.
Classic slot
Not even two decennia ago the primary online casinos introduced the classic slots and until today these classic games can’t be missed in any online casino. As no other Net Entertainment knows what a player likes and albeit most Netent Casinos offer a good range of recent video slots, the classic ones are still very fashionable probably thanks to the straightforward character of the sport . together press on the spin button is enough for the coin machine to start out spinning. And although the assortment classic slots is smaller, you’ll have many choice including the jackpot slots Gold Rush and Mega Joker.
Fruit slots
While Netent uses the term classic slots, many players will know these same games as fruit slots. Fruit slots are an entertaining, yet simplistic sort of classic slot, that’s particularly fashionable players who are a lover of the nostalgic fruit symbols often employed by Netent in classic slot games. These fruit slots are very almost like the classic slots, but also very different thanks to some features that are more recognisable for the fruit slots as for instance the Hold and Nudge features.

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