SweepSheet: The online sweepstakes Newsletter Review

If you want to spend longer entering mail-in sweepstakes, and fewer time checking out new online sweepstakes to enter, a newsletter like SweepSheet could be your answer. Founded by Sandy Gulliver in 1990 and edited by Patti Osterheld since 2008, SweepSheet offers many ways to win for an inexpensive fee.

Issues are sent every other week, and subscribers can prefer to receive their copies by mail (sent to U.S. addresses only) or online. The newsletter focuses on mail-in sweepstakes , and every newsletter offers over three dozen new giveaways.

Each issue includes a profile of a “sweepstakes fanatic,” hints and tips to assist subscribers be more successful, trivia answers, and more. The newsletter focuses on sweepstakes that are open across the us in order that all subscribers are often assured of getting a spread of online sweepstakes to enter. Sweepstakes with especially high chances to win are marked to assist members with limited time or postage enter more efficiently.

To get a far better feeling for the newsletter you’ll inspect a sample issue online.

For people that want even more chances to win, the online sweepstakes website lists other sorts of giveaways also , including online, local, blog, text, and social media sweepstakes for subscribers only.

A subscription to SweepSheet includes not only the newsletter itself but also access to members-only areas of the web site . Members-only features include the Conversation Corner where subscribers can exchange hints and advice and Patti’s Hot Flashes, which features sweepstakes that are especially exciting or have higher chances of winning.
The online sweepstakes section offers some nice features, like the power to sort the sweepstakes into your own custom lists.

The Conversation Corner is a web sweepstakes forum where you’ll make friends, ask questions, and share tips and advice which will assist you win more prizes.

SweepSheet features a staff of about 10 employees who find and verify sweepstakes. Members also can submit sweepstakes for consideration. It doesn’t seem that SweepSheet accepts payments from sponsors to offer their giveaways extra promotion.

In order to use any of SweepSheet’s features, you want to become a paid subscriber. you’ll find the present prices here. As of this writing, the costs range from one online issue for $7.00 to a yearly postal mail subscription price of $78. Online-only prices vary from $6 for one issue to $96 for a two-year membership.

If you opt to hitch , you’ll pay by mastercard (Visa or Mastercard), by check, or by postal order .

As more and more sweepstakes directories turn their focus solely on online sweepstakes, SweepSheet is particularly attractive to people that wish to enter sweepstakes by mail. But their online listings are valuable also , especially the roundup of local giveaways.

Joining SweepSheet may additionally make it easier to beat sweepstakes burnout. The editors take great pains to make sure that the online sweepstakes they list are accurate, and that they exerting to motivate their readers and make entering more fun.

If you’re living outside of the us , this won’t be the newsletter for you. The printed version of the newsletter only ships to American addresses and therefore the sweepstakes are mostly open only to U.S. residents.

Is online sweepstakes well worth the money to you? If the newsletter sounds appealing to you, you’ll always try signing up for one newsletter to ascertain if you wish it before you plan to a extended subscription.

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