Attract new customers to your Internet Cafe

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Do you use Internet cafe software open source and want to attract new customers to your cafe? Great! Here are some advices to assist you in this.

Build up an email list

When new customers visit for your Internet cafe software open source and spend time in your cafe, tell them about your VIP club and that they can be a part of it for free. Ask for their personal infomation and keep it for email marketing. Very few customes, particularly 1st time guests, will provide this info in exchange for the word of “VIP status. Therefore you have to present them real perks.

You can try this by giving them an additional half an hour of free game time if they sign up immediately. Moreover, motivate them by telling that they’ll receive a lot of offers like this via email once they sign up. Everybody loves free stuff – particularly if there’s a right away profit. This may look like a poor business call – giving away the product for free, however the ROI won’t disappoint. Once you have got the e-mail addresses of the many new and existing customers you’ll be able to send market campaigns to them. Repeat email offers on a frequent basis and it will not only increase the number of returning clents, but it will also give you the chance to sell them different things once they use your Internet cafe software open source.

Organize contests that need spending time in Internet cafe

In addition to sending emails regarding promotions, you’ll additionally email them regarding contests you’re organizing. At frequent intervals you may organize a contest that will make customers return to your Internet cafe software open source and compete against one another in a game to win a prize.

Get active on social media

There are over 1,5 billion users on Facebook, there is no question that majority, if not all, fit into this group. Create a facebbok page for your Internet cafe software open source and share information about it with your customers.

Like your email campaigns, you’ll be able to use Facebook to encourage folks to return to your Internet cafe software open source. You’ll post updates with special offers, prompt them of future contests or just create a place for your customers to gather and discuss their favorite games, the news or other stuff they have interest in.

Use cheap Facebook ads.

Because there are a big number of Facebook users, you should consider the opportunity of bringing new customers to your internet cafe software open source with ads. With the lower CPC of Facebook ads, you can attract new people while spending less.

Offer special packages

Create packaged deals for little groups. They could include internet cafe software open source products and other services for a set price. You can also offer monthly membership packages based on time.

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