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I keep an inventory casino software of queries that I’m most frequently asked regarding slot machines. you may in all probability check off a number of them: “Are games programmed to travel cold when massive|an enormous|a giant} win?” “Do you get less payback once you use your rewards card?” and also the big one, “Can you tell Pine Tree State a way to win?”

Those are standards ever since I started writing regarding casinos and casino games twenty years agone. however recently, another casino software question has been doping up the charts. I actually have it all the high at No. two on the readers’ hit parade:

“I’ve detected on a great deal of video slot games that if I hit the button a second time whereas the reels area unit spinning, they stop directly. i used to be speculative if I may use this to my advantage. If I see the bonus triggers or the jackpot symbols at the highest, ought to I quickly hit the button once more and check out to prevent the reels?”

I had that thought myself the primary time casino software I accidentally double-hit a button and saw the reels click to an on the spot halt. may this be a solution to the chart-topping question, “how to win on the slots?”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that method. In nearly all slot games that enable you to prevent the reels, there’s no ability or temporal order concerned on your half. The random variety generator has already determined your outcome once you hit the button to spin the reels, and you’re reaching to get an equivalent result despite whether or not you casino software stop the reels early, or allow them to halt in their own time.

When you play a coin machine, the sport isn’t really being compete out on the reels, whether or not it uses “real” reels or video reels. It’s being compete internally, on the game’s random variety generator. The reels area unit simply a player-friendly interface, and area unit told wherever to prevent by the RNG. If there’s a malfunction and also the reel show casino software doesn’t match the numbers generated, it’s the RNG that counts. giant jackpots are often denied—and are denied—if a check shows the random numbers on the inner laptop chip don’t match the winning symbols on the reels.

But this is often extraordinarily rare. The engineering is sweet enough that just about all the time, the RNG and reel show area unit reaching to match up. This doesn’t modification if you double-hit the bet button. If the RNG has spit out a random variety that tells the primary reel to prevent on one bar, then you’re reaching to get one bar—regardless of whether or not you hit the button a second time for a “quick stop,” or simply allow them to take their casino software own sweet time.

There area unit rare exceptions. once I’ve answered similar queries within the past, I’ve mentioned IGT’s Reel Edge games. In their original incarnation, Reel Edge games enabled players to the touch and stop the reels one at a time. There was actual ability concerned. Your temporal order in stopping the reels determined the end result. The reels spun terribly, very fast, therefore it had been going take a keen eye and sharp reflexes to urge higher than random casino software results, however it had been attainable.

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