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The staffing trade is that the largest supplier of talent pubg me in any economy and a wonderful measuring device of the health of our economy. The Canadian Staffing Index would recommend that demand has fluctuated through 2013 and into the primary quarter of 2014, however is usually headed upwards, albeit gently. Here at Eagle, we have a tendency to saw a rise of seven in individuals applying to United States of America for jobs, but we have a tendency to saw a far larger increase in demand (18%) for talent from our shoppers. place along with earlier knowledge this is able to recommend that within the skilled area we have a tendency to square measure seeing a uniform larger demand for talent, and at identical time a decrease in accessible talent.

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It is no surprise that with the biggest metropolitan population, and also the largest variety of head offices, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) creates the largest demand for talent. Here at Eagle our GTA region usually represents hr of our shopper pubg me demand. additionally to the apparent demand from the monetary sector, the telcos, the insurance trade, the development trade and repair industries square measure all huge employers within the GTA.

Out in Western Canada it’s metropolis, with the second most head offices in Canada and also the economic centre for the oil patch that is that the economic hub. the primary quarter has seen AN transaction in demand for talent and increasing shortages of key skills. shoppers square measure seeing this trend and realising that they have to maneuver pubg me quickly so as to urge the individuals they need. The West continues to be an honest place to seek out work notably for engineers and folks within the industries that service the oil sector.

Eagle’s jap Canada region covers Ottawa, metropolis and “the Maritimes”. metropolis continues to be fairly busy, notably within the monetary sector, the telcos and also the industry. there’s additionally some demand in St John’s, NFLD (population regarding two hundred,000), and in Halifax (approx. 400,000) however everything is relative and that they don’t seem to be huge markets. The central in Ottawa is moving ahead on some giant initiatives pubg me that is making some demand and this market is wanting healthier for professionals than in a while, but the capital Region has appear AN accrued pct over the last whereas.

The types of individuals that appear to be in constant demand from our shoppers has been fairly consistent. we have a tendency to see a uniform demand for Program Managers and Project Managers whereas Business Analysts are invariably in demand. it would simply be our focus however modification Management and structure Excellence resources square measure in comparatively high demand too. huge knowledge and mobile experience square measure specialisations that square measure in demand. On the Finance and Accounting facet pubg me we have a tendency to see a uniform want for monetary analysts, accountants with designations and public accounting expertise and controllers as a reasonably consistent talent request. Technology consultants with purposeful experience in Health Care is another talent set that sees many demand.


2014 has set out absolutely, and that i expect it to still improve. we’ll see additional skills shortages as we have a tendency to move through pubg me the year driven part by AN accrued variety of boomers retiring as a result of their retirement portfolios have recovered sufficiently from the recession. The United States of America recovery appears to be progressing well which can cause a problem on impact here in Canada too. Over all i’m feeling optimistic for our economy. With AN pct underneath seven-membered we are able to extrapolate that the pct for professionals as being way lower, maybe within the four-dimensional or less vary. This bodes well for professionals of every kind, additionally there’s sturdy demand for masterful trades individuals. the important impact of the pct is on the unskilled employees and people pubg me within the declining producing industries.

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