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Sit and go tournaments differ from money games because when you are eliminated, there is no buying back in! This means you have riversweeps to try your best to stay in the game, otherwise you’ll simply have to register again after you lose. In a sit and go tourney the money is awarded at the end of the tournament, and each winner will receive a set percentage of the pool depending upon their standing.

It is best to be conservative in the first few rounds of a sit and go tourney, since the blinds are small in comparison to average chip stacks. Being selective with your hand in the first few rounds will help you make it to the end of the tourney where the cash is made. Always remember that it is more important to make it to the final table than to win a lot of money in the beginning rounds.

In a sit and go tourney, when the blinds start to raise everyone goes all in to try and steal the blind. It is advisable to partake in this strategy as well, and go in with anything you have when the blinds are high enough. The key is to play tight early riversweeps on and then loosen up as the tourney progresses. After the money rounds start that is when you start going all in to steal the blinds.


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Making it to the final table in a Texas Hold Em tournament is by no means easy. So when you do finally make it to the final table, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, playing at the finals table is not like playing a regular round of Texas Hold Em, because the entire mood and mentality is different since the tournament riversweeps is coming to a close. Players are no longer worried about preserving their stack going into the next round obviously, so this can change the dynamics of the game a lot.

With that said, it is very important to make sure you have a big stack going into the final table. You’ll notice that most of the people left at the very end came into the game with big stacks to begin with. The less chips you have, the less leverage you have in the game… period.

Thus every game in the tournament is just as important as the final table itself. It is important to be aggressive and do everything within your power to riversweeps get as many chips as possible, without putting your neck out there in the process. The best way to do this is to monitor the trends of your opponents. If you notice that everyone is playing with a reserved style, that’s when it is time for you to play aggressively.

Aside from being lucky, you really have to set yourself apart to be the guy with the most chips at the final table. This means making it work with what you have. If you sit there waiting for an excellent hand before playing aggressively, you’re making a crucial mistake. The key is – it’s not entirely what’s in your hand that counts, it’s what the other players THINK is in your hand that matters.



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Strategy is perhaps the most important part of Texas Hold Em as it ultimately decides the outcome of each game. Most people are confident in their strategy, but there are many mistakes that are easy to overlook. While these mistakes may seem minor riversweeps and insignificant, they can actually be quite costly in the long run. The following three mistakes can really minimize your potential as a poker player.

1. Failing to Raise

The first mistake that many poker players make is failing to raise when you have a good hand. BY raising you’re not only letting the other players at the table know that you have something under yours sleeve, but you;re also taking authority at the table by dictating the direction of the game. If you have good cards, then by all means use them to build your stack as much as possible!

2. Calling or Raising with Nothing

Another huge mistake that many people make is calling or raising when they have a terrible hand. Many justify this move as a bluff, and while you can get lucky with it sometimes, it is HIGHLY unlikely that everyone at the table is going to fold riversweeps based on your bluff! There will always be at least one person left when it’s time to scoop the chips, and in the end of your cards are worse thna his he takes the cake. Don’t raise or call with nothing!

3. Bluffing Past the Flop with Nothing

The final mistake that many make is bluffing past the fluff with a terrible hand. A bluff should only be used for so long before it is time to bail out. Most people know not to do this but will still do it on special occasions when they’ve out stacked their opponents. Betting anything on the flop when you have absolutely nothing is always a bad decision, no matter how you look at it.



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One of the most important parts of strategizing in Texas Hold Em is knowing your opponents playing styles. This means more than simply stereotyping, as you’ll need to focus on the nuances of each move they make. Some players like to defend their blind regardless of their hand.

These kinds of players will generally refuse to fold regardless of the circumstances, and if you raise the pot while they are on their big blind they will most likely call you just to make the bluff even stronger. In fact, the blind defender may just decide to come over the top just to spite you.

Blind defenders are on the risky/stubborn side of the spectrum because they will go all out to make sure they get their blind, even if it means putting riversweeps all of their chips at risk by bluffing. Their logic is that if they try with every hand, then there will be no way to distinguish when they are bluffing and when they are not. One of the best ways to break a blind defender is to steal his blind.

To steal a blind all you have to do is wait until you are in the late position and if no one in front of you has raised then you can raise and their is an excellent that the blind defender will not raise you back and instead he’ll fold. At which time you’re in the perfect position to make the other players fold as well, thus giving you a prime opportunity riversweeps to steal the blind and walk away from the table as a winner!

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