Online casinos and slot games advantages

Online casinos have the advantage over home clubs, casinos and casinos that you can play and win slot games from home roulette and more. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about planning and the associated costs of a casino or casino visit. 

These are the most important advantages of an online casino. Furthermore, online casinos slot games offer their new and already registered players and members a number of perks that you would never get at a land based casino.

As for the mentioned benefits, one should consider the fact that in online casino most, if not all, games can be played for free and risk-free in play money and demo mode. Many sites are aware that the competition in the online slot games gambling industry is not asleep and that’s why you have to promote new players with great offers.

However, free games are not the only perks or benefits that are appropriate to attract new players to the various online casino games and to win as new customers. 

Bonus and promotional offers are the ones that make the difference in the end why you choose a particular online casino; however, there are other decisions that we will discuss in detail on our website. 

In order to encourage new players to open an online casino account, welcome bonuses are usually offered. These are awarded either as deposit slot games bonuses or non-deposit bonuses (in the form of free casino credits).

Online casino sites, such as Euro Palace Casino , give their players the unique opportunity to compete against each other in exciting competitions and tournaments. 

While tournaments are mainly offered for poker, roulette, and other card games, the trend at pure online slot games rather than poker sites is towards the numerous slot and slot machine tournaments.


As mobile customers, we have come a long way in a very short time! Do you still remember the days when you had to use your old credit card to buy something online? Thankfully – and strangely because of identity theft problems – credit card purchases are over.

Along with alternative payment methods, like Ukash, and especially the ability to pay anonymously, paying by phone is now also part of our daily lives. And now we can pay for our slot games gambling even with the mobile phone ( online casino mobile payment ) – very nice!

Does that sound too easy? Well, it’s really easy and it’s very fast, because most mobile casinos doyou can make so-called “micro payments” of around € 10. Although the options will undoubtedly multiply in the future, at least for the moment we are still safe and are not tempted to squash our pension.

The ability to play casino games with mobile payments was, in all honesty, just a matter of time considering all the other changes that the “mobile world” has brought to our work and lives.

Let’s take a closer look at the two new ways to pay quickly by phone when you’re on the go! For example, are you a Spin Palace casino player and use the mobile service from one of the following providers? Vodafone, Orange, 3, T-Mobile, O2?

The PayForIt Gateway, which these mobile brands founded together for you, is very convenient and can be used for many products and services outside of your casino hobby. Although the Spin Palace is one of the best (which is not surprising!)

To become one of the PayForIt mobile casinos, you can bet that more will follow. All you have to do is choose PayForIt at the cashier for your deposits – everything else happens automatically. Your phone bill (either prepayment or prepaid credit) will be charged. You will receive a confirmation on the screen for your payment by phone. You will not be charged slot games for expensive SMS messages. And best of all, you do not have to reveal your phone number!

PayForIt is not the only new payment method, and Spin Palace is not the only mobile casino site that offers you this great feature. Do you play mFortune and / or LadyLucks? Like most of us!

Online Casino Mobile Paying is fun with both mFortune and LadyLucks and is very easy because slot games you only have to click “Pay by Phone” when making your deposit on an iPhone Casino or Android Casino app. It is not even necessary to make an external service (eg PayForIt), but only your mobile provider.

This new “pay by phone” thing is just great! However, this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of phone slot games payments for mobile casinos – we expect that will soon become the standard feature.

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