The How to Build a Mansion in Minecraft music is regular background noise in my house. I have three children and a husband who all play the game on a frequent basis. We even have a family server on the PC. You’d think this means I know my way around it, but you’d be wrong.

How to Build a Mansion in Minecraft, but my knowledge is not the best. I can mine, build, and defend myself but the intricacies of the game still escape me as I’ve struggled to get into it.

On our family server, my role has mostly been as the person who gets expertly trolled by their own kids. The highlight of their trolling career has to be the time they hid all my items. Everything I had carefully mined and collected had vanished and I was left with a sign that informed me I had to go on a treasure hunt to find it.

This lovingly built quest took me no less than 20 minutes. It ended with me coming back into my storage room to discover everything I owned was hidden behind a wall, approximately eight blocks from where it was before.

Since the release of the Aquatic update, we have restarted our family server and I’m keen to try and get back into the game, so we can all play together. With this in mind, I asked my kids to help me out. So here are 30 things my kids think I need to know about Minecraft.

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